When you without realizing, became part of the list in Cambridge University Press 
"Visual Arts for the IB Diploma student book"  


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- acrylic on canvas/ 40-50cm

Key of Life

Key of Life
Never apologize for trusting your intuition – your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right.
- acrylic on canvas, 50/70cm


so…. what is harmony…. in love ?
-drawing / ink on paper


Fox will Never Take Advice From A Quitter.
- drawing, ink on paper


When you don’t see your artworks for more than a year, and it does make you feel quiet and humble and actually really happy that you choose the job you really love. ✨🙏✨✨❤  OKO in Lauba

Glitter Carbs

Glitter Carbs - is used mainly as energy in the body.

-acrylic and glitter on canvas- 50/70cm

OKO for Croatia Airlines inflight magazine

OKO illustrations for children theater play Ritam Tam in collaboration with Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance and Trešnja Municipal Theatre

OKO for TimeOut London

Well… Parallel in Time Out London and in Time Out Croatia... Here is Croatia one, London edition coming soon :D

OKO and CHEZ 186 collaborative painting.. Free yourself from your own rules.
- acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 150/100cm

Sketch for wall drawing i did for Blackbird Coffee & Breakfast Club, Lausanne

Sometimes you meet the most unusual Friends and they miraculously change your Life forever.

Skeleton family

When you find mismatched nesting dolls in Belgium and decide to just pair them into one happy Skeleton family.

OKO drawings for Etra studio

OKO drawings for Etra studio… Money of the exhibition is dedicated for dog shelter

OKO for Cosmopolitan magazine.

OKO for  Cosmopolitan magazine.

OKO design tour shirt

OKO design tour shirt and patches for Deer in the Headlights band

Exhibition opening soon

Exhibition opening soon, and silkscreen prints finally available online through NY gallery Protege and Pepperspreypress.

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling
Despite the idea that internet and social media can appear sugar coated and glitter with so much information, it just produce so much buzzing in your mind you cant hear your own soul.
Let yourself the luxury of silence and all the influences so you can grow as a person and as an artist.
OKO & Chez for Creart EU project with Croatian Association of Artists

Old friendships

You need to nurture old friendships.
-some new colors added to the old drawing and line work

Golden Trust

Golden Trust
-exhibition at 0,04m³ gallery

Don’t know why, but for some reason i think this little gallery 0,04m³ is little magic Hub.

Keep Ya Head Up.

Keep Ya Head Up.
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies..
- acrylic on canvas
- 150/100cm 

Golden cage

Golden cage- where the birds go to die

-wooden box/ acrylic on plexiglass

EXD’15 BIennale in Lisbon and Porto

Participant of exhibition at EXD’15 BIennale in Lisbon and Porto  
“As Far as the Mind Can See"

OKO 90 meter mural for Museum of Contemporary Art

OKO 90 meter mural for Museum of Contemporary Art

After painting for several weeks, the artist OKO covered the wall of MCA (MSU) with the mural painting called “Open My Eyes That I May See”, which will be overlooking the entire area of the crossing of the Dubrovnik and Većeslav Holjevac Avenues. The title of the mural, according to the artist, refers to the power that art exudes in widening our horizons: it enables us to look at, and truly see, that which we sometimes go to lengths in order to avoid. This role, as an art sanctuary, has also been taken over by the Museum, which constantly strives to inspire each individual to question their own perception of the world around them. The location and size of the mural will expose it to the daily glances of a wider audience, hopefully affirming street art as a legitimate part of contemporary artistic production and a worthy piece of the cultural legacy of our time. Upon its completion, the mural will become a part of the official collection of paintings of the Museum of Contemporary Art, opening the Museum up to a new audience by presenting an artwork which is continuously visible and accessible to all, and understood by everyone. Since relocating to a new building, and a new neighbourhood, in the year 2009, the MCA has continuously strived to connect and communicate with its new environment. The painting of the western wall of its plateau will incite interaction with passersby, a tradition begun by exhibiting artworks in the open, some of which have become a symbol of the Museum of sorts (for example, “The Double Slide” by Carsten Höllera, “The Eyes of Purification” by Mirosław Bałk or “The Shape of Space” by Ivan Kožarić).
Organized by:
Museum of Contemporary Art
Curated by:
Ana Škegro
City of Zagreb, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia