OKO Cookies

OKO cookies.

Bite Art are unique art-cookies created by an artist Ana Šerić as a part of
her “Edible art” project and aimed to promote Croatia in a single but
impressive product. They are traditional pepper cookies, made by original
recipe and with recognizable flavor thanks to perfectly balanced combination
of no less than ten exotic spices. But what takes these cookies to a whole
new level is the fact that they are adorned with edible art reproductions of
paintings by emerging young Croatian artists, as well as well-known
masterpieces that stood the test of time. Moreover, after enjoying the cookies
you are left with the box that doubles as a picture frame for art reproductions
- a nice memento that enriches your home. Taste the cookies and acquire
the taste for Croatian art at the same time with this exclusive interactive
souvenir that affects your senses and touches your heart.