OKO & Severina @ LAUBA gallery

OKO & Severina

“No root, no fruit” is the name of a collaborative performance of two well-known artists – one singer and one artist. The fact that they use two different mediums wasn’t their distinction, but a connection since they are both asked the same question. One only sings, and another only draws – isn’t that right?
So….. you are ONLY drawing?
People are keen to hold prejudice and define others around them. They tend to make decisions for others, express opinions on matters without anyone there to inquire.
Prejudices hurt. And although we try to ignore these sentences and glances, words can penetrate deep into us, we weaken each other while completely unnecessary keeping ourselves at the level of the individual instead of understanding that we are stronger as a community.
Generations and generations of genes before us lived the entire lives accumulating experiences and rising to new levels, which is why when these aching words try to get inside us, we need to know how to block them. With my life I want to pay tribute to all the generations of the genes before me. I want to pay homage to my grandmothers who were strong women; I pay tribute to my mother, who is still a strong woman. Among other things, because every day she stands as an illustration of what I should be, how much strength and genuineness can exist in a single being, and how much power it gives in return.
Stay true to yourself, and everything else will line up.