Every one of us is actually a powerful shaman. Sometimes we need a good spiritual sidekick next to us to help through difficult times, this is why I draw animals, to be close to them, to attract their power and wisdom. It has been happening for centuries, people having animals as spirit guardians around them, so it’s lost tradition that is good to have around. I paint them really big (on walls or buildings) because, sometimes as humans when we feel weak, we want to hide behind big guardians so we can regain our strength. They have natural grace and are gentle too, something I hope humanity can achieve one day. Layering in my work is product of ideas that go through my mind, I don’t have a concept when I start to paint, art is therapy, and connection with something greater than myself. The hand is guided to produce thin precise lines and the brain and heart are like receivers for the energy of the universe around me. I feel this is the reason why it is a challenge for artists to explain what they are doing. For me it is a mixture of fears, hopes, dreams, strength, beliefs and regular every day life layered on a canvas. So many stories humans have told through history by painting on a simple canvas on a wooden frame, just a piece of material with some paint on it yet it can powerfully convey somebody’s inner universe. There are no boundaries or borders in the sky.