Mister Freeze

For the second year running, the association Faute O Graff is curating Mister Freeze, an exhibition featuring small gallery artworks to large scale installations until June 1st. This year, the show is taking place in two abandonned places –  Le Frigo (“The Fridge”) where the first exhibition took place in 2013 with small scale artworks, and large scale installations in a secret place, revealed at the last minute. For this new episode of Mister Freeze – Nite & Day, street and graffiti artists are playing on both fields and showing off their diversity of tools and techniques.
Participating artists include:  Sike, Momies, Opium, Astro, Tonce, Tanc, Wany, Zepha, Mlle Boo, Lek, Sowat, Pro176, Zest, Landry, Fode, Scred, Reso, Sherio, Katre, Tilt, Demon, Costa, F.Bel, Gris1, Legz, Zoer, Case, Wow123, Velvet, MissVan, Ditno, Ciro, Oko, Panks, Dely, and Stop.