The Museum of Contemporary Art

Don't Follow The White Rabbit (OKO&GOLDO) The work "Don't follow the white rabbit" continues on my previous attempts to deal with my inner demons.
 Demons, keepers and shamans inhabitate my thoughts and, in the form of tattoos, come out through my skin, 
in the same way as the drawings and graffiti on public walls of the city represent my fortresses in the public space. The white rabbit reacts to sounds and stimulations; dependant on the outer noise and the fight for the space of inner sound,
its (and my) Universe recedes, pulsates or completely collapses. The multimedia installation reacts to sound. Depending on different levels of silence, speech, rant or voice, the programmed animation takes the sound and influences the main drawing on the wall. There are 3 different, programmed, phases: 1. A phase of complete silence and expansion - the white rabbit has a shadow illusion moving around it, and Universe moves slowly in the background... The rabbit is calm and at peace...
anything is possible and there are no boundaries. It simbolizes as as brave and daring, when we are not affraid of any "earthly" obstacle around us in our search for our own imaginary world and ideas. 2. A phase of human presence / a phase of boundary - if a sound appears in the room (a talk between two people or any other "normal" form of sound) Universe recedes within the countures of the rabbit, 
which now stands alone in the dark, and its outer countures vibrate - when we get critisized, or we fall into our own doubts, outer influences, we get startled and crawl into ourselves,
our whole universe is now in ourselves, and although we are scared, we still "pulsate" to the outer world. If the room falls silent, the rabbit becomes threedimensional again and the Universe 
expands from it into the room, and if a sudden noise or rant appeares the third phase emerges. A phase of noise and retrieval - if a sudden noise appears (in the form of yelling or high rant) the calm and static, or even the pulsating inner Universe rabbit stops shining in color, becomes just a negative
a white drawing which pulsates immensly, and if we yell it disolves into small white particles... when we fall into the "noise" of the world around us so it completely rattles us, we stop having strenght to pulsate our 
spirit, we seize to exist...and we become soulless matter... The installation "Don't follow the white rabbit" represents the search for our own spirit and peace which is needed in order for us to grow... and to remind us that everyone of us is a wast Universe.. that is all we fear… The Museum of Contemporary Art (